Go topless day 2024

Venue TBC

Proudly presented by Jeepfreakz QLD Inc. in partnership with
sunco jeep maroochydore

More Jeeps than you can imagine

You will not want to miss being part of this.

Lunch Included

We pride ourselves on not only an amazing day but good food to go with it. Forget sausages on a slice of bread this is the real deal.

Jeeps from 1941 to 2024

Come along and see Jeeps of all shapes, sizes and age. Whether it is a classic CJ, luxurious Grand Cherokee, a brand new JL or the beast Gladiator, there will be so many to see.

Take the top off, open the sunroof or just wind down the windows. We want to see you there.

We don't care if you cannot go topless in the true sense of the word. If you own a Jeep we want to see you there.